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This is a long book. The first chapter starts in 1961 and the last page ends in April of 2014. To help you get a better idea of what’s in the book, here’s the table of contents:

Cavers in Fern Cave, 1965
Cavers in Fern Cave, 1965. Photo by Alex Sproul.

Part 1: The Pit
Chapter 1: Surprise!
Chapter 2: Into the Void
Chapter 3: Exploring Fern
Chapter 4: Some Problems With Fern
Chapter 5: Photographing Fern
Chapter 6: Torosion

Part 2: The Cave
Chapter 7: The Morgue
Chapter 8: Finding New Fern
Chapter 9: The Middle Cave
Chapter 10: The Gold Canyon
Chapter 11: The Bottom Cave
Chapter 12: Helictite Heaven

North Cave. Photo by JV Van Swearingen IV. Used with permission of the National Speleological Society.

Part 3: The Cave System
Chapter 13: Connecting New Fern and the Morgue
Chapter 14: Creating the Fern Cave System
Chapter 15: The Hall of Giants and Torode’s Hall
Chapter 16: The Champagne Connection

Part 4: Managing Fern
Chapter 17: Gray Bats
Chapter 18: Fish and Wildlife
Chapter 19:Changes to Surprise

Part 5: The Next Generation in Fern
Chapter 20:The New Explorers
Chapter 21:Bones and Torches
Chapter 22: Fern Cave Project

Gray Bats in the Morgue section of Fern Cave. Photo by Jennifer Pinkley.
Gray Bats in the Morgue section of Fern Cave. Photo by Jennifer Pinkley.

Part 6: White Nose
Chapter 23: White-Nose Syndrome
Chapter 24: Vandals
Chapter 25: Finding White Nose in Fern

Epilogue: The Future of Fern

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