Mikwaukee Archaeology Fair March 9-10

Take a step back in time at the Milwaukee Archaeology Fair March 9-10. There’s a huge list of speakers and activities lined up that are appropriate for kids in grades 4-12. Some of the items one the agenda include:

Celebrate a Roman Holiday! Make your own Argei (and find out what they are)
14th Roman Legion, John and Sylvia Peine

Tribal Celts: “And the Romans Call us Barbarians”
Tribes of the Blue Rose, John Risch, Chris Rohr, Mike Trefz, Tyler Wisniewski

Ancient Greek Warriors
Milchiean Hoplites Re-enactment Group, Chris Manesiotis, Mike Smul, John Maniatis

A Knight to Remember
Independent, Carlo Tuzzio, Thane Arnold, Julia Penn

Looks like a great way to spend the day!

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