Smithsonian American History Museum

Do you love to visit history museums, to spend time poking around in artifacts, photos, and memorabilia tied to our past? I know I do. There are thousands of history museums across the United States. Some are huge and well-known, others are tiny, obscure, but well worth a visit. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find museums in areas you’re planning to visit. Here are some lists of museums and historic sites that will make it easier for you to plan your travels!

Museums by Type:

This great database, courtesy of, lets you search for specific types of museums that interest you.

Museums by Location:

Each of these links, courtesy of Museums USA, opens a list of states. Click on the state, then either click browse the list or click on individual cities to access museums and other historic sites!

  • History Museums: It’s surprising just how many history museums there are! Be sure to find the ones along your way!
  • Archaeology Museums (I know archaeology isn’t strictly history, but I’m including it because I love archaeology museums
  • Historic Houses: This list features historic homes that are also museums.
  • Historical Societies This link features groups dedicated to preserving the history of an area, a person, or a home. Many links in this section overlap with u
  • Military Museums and Parks: This link leads you to museums and parks about the military history from the earliest settlement of the U.S. to the present.

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