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  1. says

    Love your website and wanted to ask if we could put your website link on our website and perhaps Vice Versa.
    Will you be in El Paso in the near future? If yes, my husband and I are both heavy into the History of El Paso and West Texas.
    I co host a locat Radio Show “El Paso History Show” on Saturdays and on the same station heard daily. I also produce, write and voice a History Moment, 60 second spot that covers a historic moment in El Paso’s history, sponsored by the El Paso County Historical Commission. Do visit our Concordia Cemetery website and let us know what you think.

  2. says

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    Hurry for a limited time this will be FREE, of course if you can help us build the site by inviting contacts we greatly appreciate that (Invite Contacts Tab is on Right Sidebar)


    Kurt Horn
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  3. James Anderson says

    Jennifer, I happened to find my slides from our trip to Fern in the spring of 1968. I am still amazed that we did this pit with Prussick knots and slings. I was a machinist at the time and manufactured rappelling racks and aluminum brake bars for a bunch of us. Iwas with the West Georgia College group and we were part of the TAG, TN, Al, GA group of cavers. I came out of that hole in 45 minutes on Bluewater nylon. That was pretty good time then given the crude gear we had. People were just starting to use climbers then.
    we rented an old cabin near Engels cave and did a lot of mapping there. I have seen places no other human has ever seen. People just don’t know the beauty time and water have created underneath their feet.
    All that was known at the time I was there was the entrance and Surprise. No one can imagine what it’s like floating in that darkness slowly drifting back in time. But you do.
    I am old now but will never forget my time in all the beautiful places I have been. Thanks, James Anderson, Senoia, GA.

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