Cherokee Heritage Festival

Here’s an announcement about a great festival about Cherokee heritage. Looks like a great festival! It’s in Hayesville, NC on October 20.

The Cherokee Homestead Exhibit will be the site of the Cherokee Heritage Festival scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 20 from 10am – 3pm. The Exhibit is located next to the Clay County Historical & Arts Museum in Hayesville.   This free event will feature Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians demonstrating basket weaving, pottery, carving, flint knapping, singing, dancing, music and beading.  Presentation by well-known artisans, historians and storytellers will be scheduled throughout the day.  Cherokee works of art and Cherokee food will be available for purchase.

The Homestead village is a reconstruction of a village homestead, containing all of the types of structures that would have been included in a real village, like a summer house, winter house, food storage, kitchen areas, and gardens. If you attend the festival, you can also check out the Clay County Historical & Arts Museum. Admission is free! Sounds like a great way to spend a weekend.

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