Bathroom from 1850s donated for preservation

I never think about what basic household amenities were like long ago, but this story made me appreciate my morning shower quite a bit.

An 1850s bathroom that has survived more than 150 years in the Dunleith Historical Inn in Natchez, Miss. The bathtub, shower and toilet are all part of the same piece of wooden furniture. Pipes pumped water from the first-floor laundry to the attic, where the water stayed stored in large cisterns. Opening the faucets or yanking the toilet handle (on left) would allow the water to flow down into the bathroom fixtures. Waste would have been carried out of the pipes into a primitive septic system.

Bathroom fixtures from 1850


Sunken Black Swan shipwreck treasure returns to Spain

Interesting news for shipwreck fans. The treasure found at the shipwreck code-named the “Black Swan site” has returned to Spain.

Consisting of 18th-century silver coins weighing more than 17 tons, hundreds of gold coins, worked gold and other artifacts, the treasure has been at the center of an acrimonious international legal battle ever since it was discovered in 2007 by underwater robots from Odyssey Marine Exploration, a Florida-based treasure-hunting company.

Immediately after the treasure was recovered, Spain filed a claim arguing that the treasure originated from theNuestra Senora de las Mercedes. The 36-gun Spanish frigate sank off the coast of Portugal in 1804 with 200 people aboard following a battle with four British navy ships.


Reposted from DiscoveryNews.comPhoto Credit: 18th-century coins on the ocean floor at the Black Swan site. Odyssey Marine Exploration.