Jennifer admiring Fremont-style pictographs at Peekaboo Arch, Canyonlands National Park.

My name is Jennifer Pinkley and I’m a freelance writer, ghostwriter, author, and personal historian. I love history and love to travel and this site records my experiences traveling to places related to history and shares my experiences writing about history.

As fans of history know, history is not boring. It’s vibrant, colorful, mysterious, and worth exploring. This site helps you find interesting places with a tie to history or archaeology to visit, provides helpful research on different destinations, and provides helpful tips like where to stay, how much entrance fees are, where to eat nearby, and things like that. I also blog about historic topics, including “Today in History.” I think it’s fun to relive events that happened so many years ago, events that often had a profound effect on our lives today.

I developed a love of history in the fourth grade. When my class started to study ancient Mesopotamia I became fascinated with images of ancient ziggurats and cuneiform tablets. I wondered what life had been like for people in such a different time and place. I went on to study history in college and focused on southern history. I wrote my senior thesis on the Creek Indian Wars and the influence of the Alabama Whig party and land speculation. I still find that topic interesting! I continue to love southern history (I do live in the south, after all), but I also love reading about the history of many, many other periods and places.

I hope you enjoy this site! If you have suggestions for places to include in this webpage, please let me know!

“History is not about dates, and quotes, and obscure provisos. History is about life, about change, about consequences, cause and effect. It’s about the mystery of human nature, the mystery of time. And isn’t just about politics and the military and social issues, which is almost always the way it’s taught. It’s about music, and poetry, and drama, and science, and medicine, and money, and love.” ~ David McCullough

Also visit my professional writing page at www.jenniferpinkley.com.

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